About Us

Searching for Trends was founded to build the world’s best product review platform. For the last six years we have fully focused on helping retailers and brands to grow with the help of their customers. Product reviews are still at the core. We’re based in United States of America.

Home to millions of reviews written by expert content marketers on products and services across numerous categories, it is a highly popular and trusted network. Here not only you can read reviews but also post your opinions and ratings on just about everything. Besides offering consumers a free platform to express their opinions, we also have several programs for businesses that wish to gain from the large repository of reviews to improve their products and brand reputation.

We work with an exclusive group of large retailers, e-commerce sites and global consumer brands. Most importantly, we work with the people who really, really care about this – the customer loyalty fanatics, the insights nerds, the UX and CX freaks. We hope you’ll join us, as a colleague, client or partner.

Wondering whether to buy that snazzy cell phone which shall make you the envy of those hovering around you or that new motorbike that’s selling like hot cake but confused if it’s really good enough or just the figment of a brand builder’s brilliant imagination? No worry! You can read our reviews right here!

In this age of informed brand consciousness, it is mandatory for brand owners & managers to not ignore what consumers think about their products. Brand Managers have joined our community to better understand their customers. All thanks to us, we are witnessing the rare sight of two opposite ends of the market trying to work towards commercial nirvana.